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"When I was 19, my girlfriend and I were going to study in Paris. Our boyfriends came to the docks to see us off. Right as we were getting on the ship, my friend’s boyfriend said to her: ‘If you go, I won’t wait for you.’ So she turned around and decided to stay. My fiance saw this and told me: ‘I won’t wait for you either.’
I said: ‘Don’t!’”

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A few of my favorite activities.

i like how they put capitalism in fun letters

i rly need this framed on my wall

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Rei Kawakubo at MoCA

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Aasif Mandvi interviews Fox Business commentator, Todd Wilemon.

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my kids: sing us a song to sleep
me: ok
me: I been drinkin….I been drinkin….

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Watch Game of Thrones tonight to catch up on all the wacky adventures of Arya and The Hound

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ok after i reblogged that last post i had to go download some of Jolipunk's photography to post on my blog

i love the ‘Fucking Tourists!’ series with. a. passion.

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New god #1!

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fucking unstoppable

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